代表取締役社長 石田 希世士


About us

MVM is constantly pursuing the basic principle of the food such as safety, security, and high quality. MVM, established in 1975, is a trading company specializing in fruit and vegetables. Bearing in mind that "We are dedicated to satisfying our customers," our aim is to further strengthen our quality management system and improve the quality of our products. MVM has obtained ISO9001:2015 certification.

We are hopeful that our customers enjoy the rich food culture by delivering wonderful fruit and vegetables to their dining tables both from Japan and overseas. We are actively striving to increase our contract farmers through frequent visits to the United States, the leader of agricultural innovation, and countries in Europe, Asia, and here in Japan.

Besides pursuing development of producing areas for new produce varieties and items, we are also forging ahead to become a producer and acquire the position both in the agricultural and processing fields.  As for mesclun, baby leaf, we established our own vegetable farm that prioritizes soil culture and environmentally sustainable agriculture.

Also, we built the second new sliced-apple plant in 2016. By assuming responsibility for everything from the production to the delivery to customers, we strive to secure product safety and fulfill customer satisfaction.

Recently, we have started our challenge to export Japanese fine quality fruit and vegetables to countries in Asia. Overseas consumers support Japanese fruit and vegetables and we are actively expanding our distribution channels in the overseas markets. At present, we export fruit and vegetables mainly to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand. Setting our eyes on the future, however, we are further strengthening our efforts to link producing areas in Japan and overseas market.

We are convinced that MVM's global business of fruit and vegetables will contribute to the rich food culture in the world. We are determined to demonstrate our "Spirit of Development" and pursue a new field. That is absolutely the "Excellent Company in the field of agricultural produce" that we are aiming to become.